Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS

Panasonic's Visual Intelligence as a Service (VIaaS) Cloud VMS solution allows security cameras and infrastructure to be transformed into powerful visual tools that provide insights into daily operations.

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Increasing the IQ of Visual Intelligence.

Businesses of all sizes are all looking for greater visual control and peace of mind in their security solutions. For many, the benefits of migrating to cloud-based platforms in today’s security market are endless – from lowering upfront capital expenditure, to reducing the reliance on physical infrastructure and removing the need to continuously repair and maintain hardware.

Panasonic's Visual Intelligence as a Service (VIaaS) cloud solution, powered by Eagle Eye Networks, allows an organisation’s security cameras and infrastructure to be transformed into powerful visual tools that provide insights into daily operations. For example, VIaaS can enable alerts when someone enters a restricted area, can count objects and people and oversee the flow of vehicles, monitor loitering or when cameras are tampered with, or provide quick access to video to share with authorities if theft occurs.

Other key benefits of our Visual Intelligence as a Service (VIaaS) offer include customised AI analytics, open REST architecture, increased flexibility and autonomy for live visual alert procedures, improved staff safety and access to real-time information for a range of system solutions.

A simply smarter, more modern approach to Video Surveillance

  • Advanced AI and analytics
  • Optimise business performance
  • Flexibility to use existing or new hardware
  • Future proofed investment
  • Scalable cloud solution
  • Secure remote access

Transforming your video surveillance system into a critical business intelligence platform

"Partnering with like-minded organisations such as Panasonic to deliver on our growth ambitions can accelerate getting our modern solution into the hands of businesses across the region."

Eagle Eye Networks, more than just a security system

Market Leading Cloud VMS

Eagle Eye Networks is a leader in cloud-based video security surveillance, artificial intelligence and analytics.

One of the biggest benefits of cloud video surveillance is the lower total cost of ownership (TCO), with low upfront costs, no cost to add additional locations, and reduced maintenance costs with software updates being delivered automatically.

With the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, accessing historic and real-time video is simple and requires no additional software. By storing video in the Cloud, businesses minimise the hardware needed and the cost associated with it.

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS revolutionises video surveillance with an infinitely scalable and comprehensive solution that streamlines everything from user management to flexible cloud and on-site storage options.

With great advances in AI, using advanced analytics provides unprecedented insight into day-to-day operations, making it easy to quickly respond to incidents and uncover opportunities for operational improvement.

Alarm Monitoring

It’s suggested that 85% of security patrol callouts are false alarms, which is becoming a focus area for customers to reduce costs. With Panasonic Visual Intelligence, create a safer, more secure environment and provide business intelligence than can improve your operations.

Solutions for Retail Logistics

Monitor activity and receive real-time alerts to mobilie devices such as smartphones and tablets. Integrated intuitive technology grants complete control directly to your users and supports Eagle Eye’s three guiding principles: security, reliability, and flexibility.

AI & Data Analytics

Analytics refers to the implementation of software or hardware to create smarter, more streamlined video security systems. Using analytics, businesses can detect and track people or objects, as well as report and analyse activity, a vital tool for building intelligent business security.

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