Panasonic Professional DLP & LCD High Brightness Projectors

Panasonic has been at the forefront of projection display technology for decades, delivering engaging experiences with bold, bright, vivid visuals. No matter the venue or size of your audience, from concert halls to classrooms, our range of projectors will help your creative vision come to life.

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The industry's leading light in Projection solutions

Our range of projectors are built to last, and with quality comes reliability. From our range of high brightness 3-chip DLP large venue projectors through to our compact range of LCD portable models, every Panasonic projector is built so you spend your time using it, not maintaining it. Our laser projectors are designed to be genuinely maintenance-free. All our projectors are continuously and rigorously tested in the harshest conditions to ensure dependability and durability, including dustproof testing, lifetime running tests, earthquake tests, and testing in a range of extreme environmental conditions.

Large Venue 3-Chip DLP Projectors

Project on a grand scale for the greatest impact with our Panasonic 4K 3-chip DLP laser projectors with high lumens. SOLID SHINE laser technology delivers higher brightness for more immersive experiences and breathtaking vivid picture quality.


When it comes brightness, our large venue 3-chip DLP projectors pack a punch, providing up to 50,000 lumens, capable of displaying huge, vivid images for any type of content. Creative and immersive displays are now possible within auditoriums, theatres, trade shows, concerts and live events, and even challenging outdoor venues with the ability to create some of the most engaging 3D projection mapping experiences ever.

Media Processors

Streamline Your Multi-Projection Setups with Panasonic’s Media Processors

Redefine the way you manage multi-projector immersive experiences with Panasonic’s first range of Media Processors – the ET-FMP50 Series. Designed to operate seamlessly with any Panasonic projectors, these ground-breaking Media Processors save you time and money by automating workflows, reducing complexity and increasing reliability.

Fixed Installation 3LCD Projectors

A wide range of lenses, mounting solutions and other accessories give you more freedom to locate both the projector and projector screen to help optimise your room layout. This makes them ideal for boardrooms, classrooms, museums, art exhibitions and lecture theatres. And because our range includes short throw and long throw projectors, they’re as suitable for small spaces as they are for large rooms.

Portable Projectors

Presenting can be stressful enough, without having to worry about your projector. That’s why Panasonic’s range of small portable projectors are designed to get you in front of your audience quickly and easily – and keep them engaged. With increased reliability, brightness, and connectivity options, our small, compact projectors deliver crisp imagery and easy-to-read text, even in bright rooms.

Our Projectors, Your Industry
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Our Projectors, Your Industry

Panasonic projectors are creating never-seen-before visual experiences all over the world. We’re the innovators helping the Retail Industry re-imagine the high-street store. Bringing theme parks and museums alive with immersive experiences and artainment. Assisting educators with making classrooms more collaborative. And making conferences and exhibitions unforgettable events. Discover how we’re helping your industry stay ahead.

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No matter which category or segment, we help connect people, processes, and technologies to improve and innovate where it matters most.

Software and Applications

Explore the wide range of software and applications to help you bring your projection to life.

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