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Whatever's in your way, it won't be our technology

Over the last 30 years there have been huge developments in the world of mobility, and Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, the #1 rugged Mobile Computing Solutions brand in the world, has led the way in making sure your teams can work anywhere, anytime. Providing the perfect balance of rugged durability and performance, TOUGHBOOK is truly rugged from the inside out, so is comfortable being the workhorse when docked in one of our specialist vehicle mounts, through to getting constant bumps, knocks, and drops from those on the frontline.

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Dust. Drops. Knocks. Extreme weather. Whatever the challenge, TOUGHBOOK is built for lasting performance.

The Panasonic range of rugged mobile computing products and accessories are designed with you and your workforce in mind, and to overcome mobile computing challenges in diverse and hostile environments. Our products are subject to rigorous testing during development and our local team work with you to ensure your workforce can work effectively for you and your customers, wherever they may be.

The TOUGHBOOK range is comprised of the most secure Windows laptops on the market, modular 2-in-1 notebooks and the toughest tablets on earth. A complementary range accessories ranging from vehicle docks and mounts to smart card readers and hot-swap batteries have also been purpose built to ensure your TOUGHBOOK is adaptable to any working environment.


From the warehouse to the warzone, field work to emergency services, TOUGHBOOK is engineered for every industry.

With custom engineering, amazing add-ons and modular designs available, our rugged devices offer solutions for every industry, environment and role – whether you’re a forklift operator or a firefighter.

The lowest industry failure rates in rugged mobile computing

It pays to think long term

Yes, rugged devices initially cost more than commercial and traditional consumer offerings. But the extremely low failure rates and tailored productivity-enhancing features of Toughbook mobile devices mean an altogether lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for your business.

Research undertaken by industry analyst firm IDC, shows that many organisations would significantly benefit by investing in rugged notebooks, tablets and handhelds for their workforce. Studies show that Total Cost of Ownership savings could be as much as 15% over a five-year period using rugged mobile devices through reduced failure rates and extended periods of use.

The challenge is convincing IT decision makers to invest now in order to save in the long term.

Engineered by Panasonic specialists, for sector specialists

TOUGHBOOK rugged notebook PCs and tablets are no ordinary devices. Our specialist engineers and production professionals design and build every part of every model. So each form, feature and function is purpose built with you in mind.

And how do we know what’s needed? Since our earliest days, we’ve embodied an ethos of ‘voice of the customer’, listening to what you want before delivering truly breakthrough technology in many areas. In this way, we’re constantly striking the perfect balance between optimum performance in all areas and the ultimate customer experience at all times.

The most secure PCs ever built

Data and device security is paramount. 

Microsoft has partnered with Panasonic to develop a new class of secure PC. Designed with deep integration between hardware and software and featuring the most advanced CPUs available, Secured-core PCs are intended to handle mission-critical data in some of the most data-sensitive industries.  A Secured-core PC is a modern Windows device that comes with the highest level of hardware, software and identity protection ready right out-of-the-box.

Do more with Windows 11 and TOUGHBOOK

Powerful. Secure. Reliable.

Microsoft's new Windows 11 operating system offers faster load times, enhanced security features and improved battery life, making it easier for your workers to connect with their TOUGHBOOK on the go. Get ready to experience best-in-class speed, power, and security.

Intel vPro Platform: A Foundation for Business Computing

Mobility. Connectivity. Scalability.

Panasonic’s TOUGHBOOK® product line partnered with the Intel® vPro® platform delivers capabilities that transform computing endpoints into more trustworthy and well-maintained productivity tools, providing performance headroom for business workflows whilst enabling flexible form factors for a variety of computing environments.


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