Fulton Hogan chooses TOUGHBOOK for field workforce

In a perfect example of Panasonic TOUGHBOOK being tough enough for the real world, one of New Zealand’s top companies (specialising in construction and maintenance) has chosen to comprehensively outfit their road crews with the Windows powered TOUGHBOOK G1.

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Fulton Hogan, who specialise in building and maintaining transport and civil infrastructure with operations across New Zealand and wider Australasia, have introduced TOUGHBOOK rugged tablets for roading crew members, replacing several previously used devices and substantially easing the load on the company’s IT management overhead.

According to NZ IT Service Delivery Manager, Graeme Mackin, the company had always struggled to find a good mobile device running a standard Microsoft operating system. When the Windows Pro, Intel Core i5-based TOUGHBOOK G1 became available, Mackin was immediately interested.

He went on to praise the long lifespan of the new TOUGHBOOK range, noting that with around 60 TOUGHBOOK G1's already commissioned and another 200 set to be deployed, Fulton Hogan can lease the devices over a considerably longer period with confidence in their ability to perform.

“TOUGHBOOK's are far less likely to break. The local dealer, Comworth, takes great pride in the capability of the devices and more than that, provides local support so if something goes wrong, it gets sorted fast,” Mackin said.

“The reliability of these products means less down time, happier end users and the ability to keep working where other devices would let you down.”

"These devices weigh just over a kilogram, yet are essentially a complete desktop PC in a tablet format. More than that, they deliver the advantages of a certified tough design to eliminate the issues we’ve experienced with other devices in demanding environments."

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