SA Police Rolling Out TOUGHBOOK Mobile Tablets to the Frontline

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK rugged tablets are being rolled out by South Australia Police (SAPOL) to frontline officers to improve capability and community outreach.

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Client: South Australian Police

Location: South Australia

Product(s) supplied: TOUGHBOOK G1


Improving the capability of frontline officers and providing access to vital information while out in the field, whilst eliminating the reliance on travelling back to a central station to complete administrative tasks and paperwork.


Mobile rugged tablets are being rolled out by South Australia Police (SAPOL) to frontline officers following a successful trial in the Elizabeth Local Service Area. Capitalising on the information gathered during a 12-month trial, an extensive procurement and acquisition program evaluating numerous devices was completed, leading to the selection of a tablet that best meets the needs of police.

As part of a government funding package for new technology, $7.4m was provided over five years to roll out the electronic tablets. These devices are removable, vehicle-based tablets which are replacing the current ‘fixed in-car’ computing devices. The selected Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices are already being used by Crime Scene investigators and are now being installed in SA Police fleets, replacing the ageing in-vehicle Mobile Data Terminals (MDT).

SA Police will be procuring 855 tablets, with up to 680 of those to be installed in police vehicles and the remaining available for use by frontline police.

"We realised we could achieve some great outcomes from this technology. We have been able to almost eliminate the need for our frontline officers to return to their stations to complete paperwork, providing them with technology where they have, in effect, a mobile office while also replacing SAPOL’s fixed ‘in-vehicle’ computing platform with a contemporary device. This gives us the benefits of both ‘in-vehicle’ computing and the portability to capture, retrieve and submit information in the field. It’ll be an enormous benefit to enter data into our systems without having to return to a desktop computer at a police station. There’s no doubt the technology will allow officers to access information more rapidly and overall increase the frontline capabilities of officers."

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