Mobile Device Management Powered by SOTI ONE

Your business-critical mobile operations have never been bigger or more important. With more devices, operating systems (OS) and remote workers, everything must be fast, secure and reliable.

The SOTI ONE platform is the integrated solution Panasonic TOUGHBOOK users trust to reduce the cost, complexity and downtime of their mobile operations.

From developing and deploying apps to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). From remotely resolving device issues to providing insights into device performance. From managing IoT solutions to securing sensitive data, the SOTI ONE Platform simplifies it all.

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SOTI makes it easy with remote support for mobile helpdesk

SOTI manages mobile devices and their applications, content and security. It doesn’t matter what model TOUGHBOOK or operating system, SOTI takes the complexity out of mobility management.

SOTI’s remote support features enable IT staff to diagnose and fix device problems in the field. Remote view, file sync, and remote control simplify the mobile support process, reducing costs and downtime.

Enrollment, staging & provisioning

No matter how many Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices you’re deploying, the SOTI ONE platform gets them up and running fast, with many different methods for rapid enrollment and provisioning, including SOTI MobiControl Stage.

Real-time remote diagnostic support

When rugged devices experience issues in extreme environments, shipping them back for IT support is costly, time-consuming and inconvenient. SOTI Assist, part of the SOTI ONE platform, lets you remotely control, diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve device downtime in minutes, not hours or days.

Use data to optimise performance

Extreme conditions such as excessive heat or cold can impact battery life, while working in areas with limited connectivity can slow down productivity. SOTI Insight gives you visibility into the performance of your TOUGHBOOK, so you can make informed decisions on how to get the most out of your mobile assets.

Support all TOUGHBOOK devices

Whatever Panasonic TOUGHBOOK you’re using, the SOTI ONE platform delivers the management capabilities and security to reduce the cost, complexity and downtime of your business-critical mobile and IoT deployments.

Case Study: Innserve Improves Productivity & Reduces Costs with Panasonic TOUGHBOOK & SOTI ONE

Innserve, specialists in the supply, installation & maintenance of drinks dispense systems, rolled out Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Android tablets to 400 technicians, powered by the SOTI ONE Platform.