Hybrid 360 Degree video Conferencing System

PressIT 360 - TY-CSP1


PressIT 360 allows anyone to easily set up a group video conference with a simple single cable solution. Covering a full 360 degrees, PressIT 360 has 4 integrated cameras and 7 microphones, and is Microsoft Teams certified, ensuring that communication remains natural between both in-person and virtual meeting participants.

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Key features

Ability to stream images covering a full 360 degrees either stitched as one image or as 4 separate images
4 x integrated 2K resolution cameras, 7 x integrated microphones for complete room coverage
Single USB cable connection for quick and easy setup
Ultra portable with flexible mounting options, ideal for hybrid workspaces.
Microsoft Teams certified

Create hybrid meetings where everyone takes the lead

PressIT 360 is the all-in-one web conferencing system with high-performance 360-degree camera, mic and speakers, supporting a hybrid working environment that connects online with offline.

Connect a single cable to your PC and start meetings on time, every time

With a fuss free single USB-C cable connection, no time is needed to prepare AV equipment or set up prior to your meeting. Pre-meeting stress is a thing of the past with PressIT 360, start your next meeting on time, every time.

1. Easily transport to your meeting room

2. Connect via single USB-C cable

3. Enjoy your seamless web conference!

Only one USB-C is needed to connect to a PC

Eliminate pre-meeting stress with a quick and easy single cable setup

Video and audio data is sent to your PC via a single USB-C cable, with no need to install additional software or apps, PressIT 360 is a true plug-n-play solution. PressIT 360 integrates multiple cameras, microphones, and speaker, meaning there is no need to rely on any other room AV equipment.1

1: USB-C connection to PC requires 5V/3A of power. Device can also be connected using an AC adapter. When using the USB-C to USB-C alone, volume may be limited compared to when using the AC adapter.

Easy operation with just the push of a button

Volume control, muting, and video mode selection can be intuitively operated using buttons on the base of PressIT 360. The LED ring also visually informs the user of the operating status through the use of various colours. Quickly and easily check whether the microphone is on or off with a simple glance. For more detailed settings such as camera position adjustments and image quality changes, an optional dedicated configuration app is also available for download.

Clear video and audio transmission for natural and realistic communication

Five different video modes

Common issues that occur during virtual meetings such as not knowing who is speaking or waiting for someone to speak can now be eliminated. With multiple video modes, allow meetings to proceed with the camera layout best suited for the meeting style.

The focus on the person speaking is automatically optimised according to the volume and length of speech.

Choose the view that's right for you

Dual View

Focus is given to two main speakers.

A 360-degree view the meeting room is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Single View

Full screen focus is given to one main speaker.

As different participants speak, the focus will change accordingly.

Multi View

Focus is given to four speakers with a vertically split screen.

A green bar above the speaker indicates those that are active.

Surround View

A 360-degree view of the meeting room is displayed as two wide screen images.

Stable View

One way video and display with a fixed view.

Ideal for single way communication broadcasts.

LED gradation change in the direction of the speaker

Note:  This function may not be activated in certain modes.

Expand usage scenarios with ease of installation

Discrete design

The slim shape and seamless fabric netting create a discrete appearance that is unobtrusive even when placed in the centre of a conference table. The cameras capture participants' faces at an optimal angle so you can concentrate on the discussion without worrying about adjusting equipment.

Approximate dimensions: diameter 64mm, height 285mm, weight 950g.

Easy mounting and installation options

The bottom of the unit is equipped with a 1/4-inch screw hole, so it can be easily mounted to a tripod or permanently installed in a location other than on a desk. It is also equipped with a Noble Wedge lock security slot1, which can be connected to a security wire to protect valuable equipment from being stolen in case of theft.

1 Mounting surface Φ11 mm or less.

Easily adjust video and audio settings

The PressIT app built into the unit can be optionally installed on a PC to perform detailed settings.

  • Display of camera images
  • Video control1 (zoom in/zoom out, tilt up/down, pan left/right)
  • Image quality adjustment
  • Speaker operation test
  • Firmware update and version confirmation

1: Adjustment of the camera image and zoom in/out features work only on the camera image screen of this application.

Supporting operation systems for the PC app are Microsoft Windows (Windows 10/11), and macOS.

Compatible with various web conferencing systems

PressIT 360 is certified for Microsoft Teams, and can be used with a number of other web conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Cisco Webex®, and Google Meet™.

* Microsoft and Microsoft Teams are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. ZOOM is a trademark of Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Cisco Webex is trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Cisco and/or its affiliates. Google Meet is trademark or registered trademark of Google LLC.

* Surround view and Stable view are not recommended for Microsoft Teams Rooms.

PressIT 360 wins iF Design Award

Great products are based on great design.

Designed to make hybrid meetings more natural for remote participants, PressIT 360 won a prestigious iF Design Award 2023. The judges loved it for lots of reasons: The flexible camera configurations that can show the whole room, individuals or those that are speaking. The mics that can track speakers and voice clarity even in larger rooms. But especially the simple to set-up and intuitive to use design of the system.

Specifications table

Product360 degree camera speaker phone
Camera | Viewing angle360 degrees (horizontal), 60 degrees (vertical)
Camera | Shooting resolution2560 x 1440 @ 30p (4 integrated cameras)
MicrophoneMEMS Microphone array (7 integrated microphones)
Speaker Output3W (when AC adapter is connected) / 1.5W (when power being supplied by USB-C)
Dimensions (W x H x D)Diameter approx 63.4mm, Height approx 285mm
WeightApprox 950g
Model NumberTY-CSP1

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