1-Chip DLP™ WXUGA Laser Projector with 6,000 lm brightness for education and corporate


Easy-to-Manage, Super Simple 1 Chip DLP™ Laser Projector delivers Clear Pictures in Bright Rooms with Flexible Integration in the Classroom or Office

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Key features

Laser 1-chip DLP, 6,000 lumens, WUXGA
DLP™ imaging technology, Quartet Colour Harmonizer, Rich Colour Enhancer, and digitally modulated Dynamic Contrast 2 optimization
Maintenance free up to 20,000 hours with dust-resistant optical block and long lasting laser engine
Flexible 2.0x zoom lens (1.46 – 2.94:1) with V/H Lens-Shift 
Support uncompressed 4K/60p input signals via HDCP 2.2-compliant HDMI® inputs or DIGITAL LINK terminal

6,000 lm (ANSI)

6,200 lm (Centre)

5,200 lm (ANSI)

5,400 lm (Centre)

5,000 lm (ANSI)

5,200 lm (Centre)

Lens2x zoom lens (1.46 – 2.94:1)2x zoom lens (1.46 – 2.94:1)Fixed short throw lens (0.8:1)

Dynamic Colour for Bright Rooms

Brilliant Colour Reproduction

Quartet Colour Harmoniser is an original colour-wheel mechanism featuring optimised optical design. It modulates light-output according to the image’s colour requirements, achieving wide-gamut reproduction with pure white for greater colour accuracy and depth without sacrificing brightness. Combined with stable SOLID SHINE Laser brightness and the superior uniformity of DLP™ imaging, colours appear richer and brighter without the greenish cast sometimes experienced with alternative projection technologies.

Rich Colour Enhancer

Rich Colour Enhancer includes a Dynamic Mode that prioritises image brightness, and a Graphic Mode/Standard Mode to suit graphical content. This mode adjusts colour-wheel timing for deeper colour saturation in situations where projection at maximum brightness is not required.

Quiet, Versatile, and Easy to Install

Wide-Range 2.0x Zoom Lens with Lens-Shift

To smooth the path to stress-free installation, the projector comes equipped with a 2.0x optical zoom lens that supports a wide range of throw-distances while filling your screen with a large, bright image. V/H Lens-Shift (Vertical: +64%, -44% and Horizontal: +34%, -27%) locates the image on screen when optimal projector placement isn’t possible, such as in rooms with high ceilings or for angled projection applications. V/H Keystone Correction (Vertical: ±40°, Horizontal: ±20°), curved-screen correction, and Auto Image Rotation functions are also included to further enhance installation flexibility.

Proven SOLID SHINE Laser Reliability

SOLID SHINE Laser for Dependably High Brightness

The PT-FRZ60 Series have durable solid-state laser modules in place of a consumable lamp. The benefits of laser projection are emphatically proven, with no need for consumable parts replacement over years of continuous 24/7 projection and a shallower brightness ramp with superior colour uniformity. Experience better picture quality for longer at a comparably lower cost.


Filterless Cooling and Airtight Optical Block

Integrated heat-pipe-based cooling with heat-sinks for the DMD block eliminate the need for air filters. These projectors can operate continuously in dusty environments for up to 20,000 hours without maintenance thanks to a hermetically sealed optical engine that prevents dust intrusion and associated image degradation.

Specifications table

Projector type1-Chip DLP™ projector
DLP™ Chip | Panel Size17.0 mm (0.67 in) diagonal (16:10 aspect ratio)
DLP™ Chip | Display MethodDLP™ chip x 1, DLP™ projection system
DLP™ chip | Number of Pixels2,304,000 (1920 x 1200 pixels)
Light SourceLaser diodes
Light output6,000 lm*1/6,200 lm (Center)*2
Time until light output declines to 50 %*320,000 hours (NORMAL)
Resolution1920 x 1200 pixels
Contrast Ratio*120,000:1 (Full On/Full Off, Dynamic Contrast Mode: ON)

Accessories & Software



Bracket assembly



High ceiling mount bracket



Low ceiling mount bracket

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Media Processors


Media Processors Simplify Multi-Projection Workflows for Immersive Experiences

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