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Kairos Solutions

IT/IP-centric video platform (KAIROS)

IT/IP-centric platform based on an open software architecture that will bring ground-breaking innovations to many markets in the video industry, starting with a very powerful broadcast video switcher.

Lenses for 1-Chip DLP


0.8:1 throw ratio (WUXGA) Fixed-focus Short-Throw Lens for 1-Chip DLP Projectors

PT-FRZ60/50/55 series


1-Chip DLP™ WUXGA laser projector with 6,000 lm brightness. Comes with a flexible 2.0x zoom lens (1.46 - 2.94:1) with vertical and horizontal lens shift.

Toughbook 40


Windows 11 Pro Fully Rugged Laptop with 14.0" Outdoor Full-HD Display and Modular Expansion Areas

Toughbook 55


Windows 11 Pro Rugged Laptop with 14.0" Outdoor Display and Modular Expansion Areas

PTZ Camera Series


4K PTZ Camera with 20x Optical Zoom and supporting SRT and Zoom 

Remote Camera Controller


Compact Remote PTZ Camera Controller equipped with a large LCD to display a GUI menu screen with clear visibility and an improved joystick for smoother control.

Remote Operation Panel


Full Function Remote Operation Panel for Panasonic AK Studio Cameras and select PRO PTZ Cameras.

ProAV Software Solutions

EasyIP Setup Tool Plus

EasyIP Setup Tool Plus is a piece of freeware that enables the centralized management of a range of network settings and firmware updates for PTZ Cameras. It supports efficient camera setup and operation in a range of situations where multiple cameras are used, including during installation work and setup for events.

Remote Camera Controller


Infrared Wireless Remote Control for Panasonic Professional PTZ Cameras

ProAV Software Solutions

PTZ Control Center

Centralized management of multiple PTZ camerasPan/Tilt/Zoom by buttons, sliders, or a touch on a screenCamera preset buttons with thumbnails (Register/Recall/Delete of up to 9 points)Camera picture quality adjustmentSimultaneous control of multiple cameras (Focus/Iris/Gain/White balance/Shutter/ND Filter)Camera SD recording Start/Stop (Only for cameras that support SD card recording)Limits functions by administrator authenticationCopies setting data between multiple PCAutomatic camera discovery and network setting

ProAV Software Solutions


Panasonic's Visual Preset Software adds intuitive GUI-based operation to the free to download PTZ Control Centre software. This enables the management and control of PTZ camera presets whilst incorporating photos and layout diagrams assigned by the user.

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