Smart Projector Control App

Smart Projector Control is a smartphone application that enables the operation of Panasonic projectors. By installing Smart Projector Control on your mobile device and connecting Panasonic projectors via wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), you can operate and check the status of the projectors at the simple press of a button.

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An Intuitive Management and Control Solution for Your Panasonic Projector

Configure, adjust, control, and monitor up to 64 registered projectors over Wi-Fi individually or simultaneously from your smartphone or tablet via a clean and responsive user interface. The app introduces a new NFC function that allows certain settings data to be read or written* when the projector is off. Other highlights include power on/off, input selection, lens adjustment, projector OSD navigation, test-pattern selection, status monitoring, and Auto Focus via compatible smartphone cameras.


Note: Some adjustment functions are unavailable when multiple projectors are selected, and compatibility with certain features may depend on the projector model and/or mobile device. When using this application software, update the software to the most current version for best performance.

Key Features

The Control Screen comprises buttons to enable Power On/Standby, Shutter (AV Mute) Open/Close (On/Off), and OSD On/Off to show or hide the projector’s OSD menu on the projection screen, allowing settings navigation via the app’s two operation screens.

Select your desired input signal by tapping on the corresponding input shown on your device’s touchscreen. Smart Projector Control lists all inputs available on your projector model including optionally installed SLOT NX interface boards.

Note: In some cases, the input name displayed on this menu may not correspond to the input terminal label on the projector.

Touch this button to display a selection of 15 test patterns that facilitate various types of projector calibration. You can select, switch, and clear test patterns with a tap on your device’s touchscreen.

Switch between Operation Screen and Number Screen to control the projector using gestures familiar to anyone who has used a regular IR remote. Operation Screen features large arrow keys for easy navigation around the projector OSD, while the Number Screen makes numeric entry more convenient. Arrow keys offer single-tap (single-step) or press-and-hold (continuous) actuation for slow or fast adjustment.

Lens Adjustment Screen has three top buttons that access Lens Shift, Zoom, and Focus categories. Test Pattern, Lens Position, Memory Load/Delete, and Memory Save buttons are selectable from all three of these fields. Numeric values for Vertical and Horizontal shift position, Zoom, and Focus can be manually entered, or previously saved lens-position data recalled using Memory Load/Delete function. You can also save current lens-position data for later recall. Tapping the Lens Setting icon, meanwhile, allows you to select your lens model from a list (this feature depends on the projector model). From here, calibration can be performed automatically and the lens returned to Home Position.

Status Screen presents a snapshot of the selected projector’s operation status including active input and input signal information as well as warnings for temperature, light source, and filter. Web Control button accesses Early Warning Software information for projectors registered to this optional Panasonic software, showing more granular analysis. OSD Capture lets you view and operate the projector’s OSD menus from your device’s web browser. Projectors with Multi-Monitoring & Control Software or Early Warning Software registered and Callout Function enabled support the display of the Early Warning Software interface on your device screen.

When setting up your projector prior to network connection, or when you want to view or modify settings without turning on the projector, NFC function presents a perfect solution. Simply hold your device against the NFC touchpoint on the projector to pair devices and gain read/write access to specific settings including network information and device ID data. Changes are reflected when the projector is turned on next time.

To streamline projector setup, the lens focus position can be automatically adjusted using your device’s built-in camera. Auto Focus button opens an Auto Adjustment interface that accesses your device’s camera. After composing the projector screen inside the smartphone’s display, position the yellow frame inside the borders of the projection screen. You can designate camera zoom magnification and alter the range of focus by adjusting the size and position of the yellow frame with your fingers (requires a compatible device). The projector displays a test pattern during focus adjustment. Results are displayed numerically and can be saved.

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