Smart Service Solutions Powered by B2M

Having a complete picture of your mobile device fleet allows you to get the most productivity and utilisation out of that fleet. Our smart computer service solutions provide you with valuable, intelligent and actionable insights into the health and utilisation of your entire mobile estate. It’s operational intelligence that helps you monitor your deployed devices closer than ever and make informed decisions, faster.

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Powered by B2M, our smart service solutions - Smart Service, Smart Battery Monitor and Smart Battery Warranty – capture, analyse and report on mobile device behaviour and attributes in real time to allow you to monitor and manage your devices as proactively as possible.

Protect your tech investment

Monitor activity to make sure you invest in the relevant warranties and accessories to suit how your team works, and to maximise the lifecycle of your devices.

Avoid unplanned downtime

Anticipate, measure and respond to disruptions more efficiently. Spot device health trends to fix issues before point of failure. And identify and swap out poorly performing devices early, to increase uptime – and upgrade the user experience.

No more unexpected bills

Identify high-usage data areas, demanding apps and heavy users in real-time, so you can foresee charges and get ahead of any nasty surprises.

Minimise costs. Maximise ROI.

From scheduling maintenance to ordering batteries, Smart Service lets you know what decisions to make – and when – to boost your bottom line.

Your information. Your way.

A full suite of APIs is available to pull the information collected by Smart Service into your own business intelligence platforms, Microsoft Excel or your own custom development.

Available for all your devices

Do you have a mixed fleet? Not a problem. Smart Service can be deployed on any TOUGHBOOK Android or Windows mobile computers or tablets.

Smart Service

Analytics. Insight. Results.

Ensuring maximum productivity and utilisation of your mobile devices is critical to the success of your business. TOUGHBOOK Smart Service provides you with the unique ability to gather and analyse data from deployed mobile devices and gain actionable insights.

Our analytics are a scalable, cloud-based SaaS solution, compatible with any mobile device management/enterprise mobility management (MDM/EMM) solution.
TOUGHBOOK Smart Service software captures, aggregates, analyses, stores and reports on mobile device behaviour and attributes such as signal strength, battery performance and application usage for unprecedented visibility into the health and utilisation of your mobile devices.

  • Interactive Dashbaord
  • Device Performance Analytics
  • Smart Battery Monitor

Smart Service can be purchased at both point of sales and any time during the life cycle of your TOUGHBOOK devices.

Smart Battery Monitor

Ensure your TOUGHBOOK devices are always performing at their best

The TOUGHBOOK Smart Battery Monitor keeps track of your devices' batteries round the clock and alerts you in advance of any potential battery failures.

When battery health deteriorates, the Smart Battery Monitor software automatically notifies you via email. With a two-level alert system, this will give you time to take action and ensure your devices maintain their performance levels in the field.

Two Level Alert System

  • Amber: alerts at approx 65% health* (replacement required soon).
  • Red: alerts at 50% health (immediate replacement required).

The Smart Battery Monitor also provides real-time insights via the cloud-based battery health dashboard, so you can check on your devices’ health at any time.


*Percentage health available on Smart batteries only. Discharge rate will be displayed for non-smart batteries.

Smart Battery Warranty

Guarantee optimum battery condition to ensure peak device performance

TOUGHBOOK Smart Battery warranty combines the power of smart battery technology with rapid battery replacement. Providing protection against battery degradation for up to 3 years, guaranteeing optimum operational efficiency beyond the standard 6-month cover, only Panasonic incorporates smart capabilities in its device management offer.

Our Smart Battery Warranty is an intelligent and cost-effective way of making sure your TOUGHBOOK devices always run at peak performance, day-in, day-out.

What's included with the Smart Battery Warranty?

  • Replacement of batteries that drop below 50% capacity during normal use
  • Automatic email notifications when battery health deteriorates
  • Access to full TOUGHBOOK Smart Service dashboard for 60 days, showing real-time utilisation analytics

This warranty can only be purchased at point of sale and will be activated in line with the standard device warranty.