TOUGHBOOK Accessories

Made To Measure For Seamless Integration

TOUGHBOOK rugged notebooks, 2-in-1s, tablets, and handhelds are impressive devices. But with the right accessories, their performance becomes even more impressive and fit for purpose. With a range of accessories designed specifically for each individual model, we can help you improve productivity and a greater ROI from your Panasonic TOUGHBOOK mobility solution.

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AC Adapters

Make sure your TOUGHBOOK is always charged and ready to go with our range of genuine AC power adapters.


Need to be connected and productive all day? Check out our range of optional extended life batteries or simply keep an extra as back up.

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Battery Chargers

Keeping those spare batteries charged up and ready to go is a must for the rigorous demands of your mobility teams.

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Carrying Solutions

Ensure your TOUGHBOOK remains easy to handle even when operating in the toughest conditions with our range of hand straps, shoulder straps, and holster carrying options.

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Docking Stations

Whether out in the field or in a site office, your TOUGHBOOK can handle pretty much anything that's thrown its way. With a wide range of desktop, vehicle and multi-device docking stations available, we've got you covered with a solution that will help maximise productivity wherever you choose to work.

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Expansion Options: TOUGHBOOK G2

The latest evolution of Panasonic rugged devices, the TOUGHBOOK G2, incorporates a rich set of business interfaces with additional user customisable options. With a unique, innovative modular product design, expansion areas can offer up to 36 different combinations to deliver the ultimate customised user computing experience.

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Expansion Options: TOUGHBOOK 40

The TOUGHBOOK 40 adopts a modular design, featuring eight user-replaceable option areas including the battery, memory, storage, keyboard and four additional expansion areas. The expansion areas feature several different types of expansion packs including Blu-Ray or DVD optical drives, authentication readers, additional inputs/outputs, long life batteries and secure storage. All of the modular options provide up to 6,048 possible combinations to choose from. 

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Expansion Options: TOUGHBOOK 55

SWITCH. CLICK. FIT. The TOUGHBOOK 55 featuring flexible configurations and a universal bay is the most versatile 14.0" semi-rugged TOUGHBOOK ever built. It offers a huge array of flexible self configuration options, making it easier to customise the device to suit multiple job roles and business needs as they change.

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Engineered to the same standard as our ruggedised TOUGHBOOK PCs, expand the functionality of your Windows Pro tablet with our range of optional rugged keyboards.

Memory & Storage

Improve speed and performance and keep data stored safely on your TOUGHBOOK device with a range of RAM and SSD upgrades.

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Stylus Pen & Tether

Make your productivity a priority by utilising the best input type for the job, whether it be finger touch with or without gloves, or with one of our optional stylus pens.

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