Infrared Wireless Remote Control


Key PTZ Camera operations can be performed using a controller with a form similar to a standard infrared remote controller

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Key features

PTZ Camera control and adjustment using a familiar form of remote controller
A design that follows on from existing wireless remote controllers* while improving ease of use
Complete with key Remote Camera Controller functions

The AW-RM50AG is a remote controller that uses infrared communication to wirelessly adjust and control Panasonic PTZ cameras.

It has the same shape and operational feel as standard infrared remote controls that are used with home video equipment and thus providing intuitive PTZ Camera control.

The device can control up to four PTZ cameras, and camera switching, pan, tilt and zoom can all be performed with button operations. It features a preset function that allows the registration of up to 12 shooting positions. Registered memories can then be recalled with a single press of a preset memory button.

The AW-RM50AG is also equipped with a range of adjustment functions, such as focus, manual iris control and color adjustment, to make full use of the performance offered by professional PTZ cameras.

The OSD (camera menu) can be displayed on an external monitor, enabling the adjustment of advanced camera settings with this single device.

It offers excellent operability when shooting with PTZ cameras in small spaces such as small classrooms or conference rooms.

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