Battery for Camcorder


Battery 11800mAh

Key features

41,3 x 90 x 69,6mm
approx. 441g

Battery for AG-DVX200 4K Camcorder and AJ-PX270 Handheld HD Broadcast Camcorder

Specifications table

Charging Time and Operation Time
Capacity11,800 mAh
Operation Time of AJ-PX270*1/PX230*1*2Approx. 4 hours 10 min
Operation Time of AG-DVX200 *1Approx. 5 hours 15 min
Charging Time with AG-BRD50 ChargerApprox. 4 hours 40 min
Charging Time with AG-B23 ChargerApprox. 12 hours 5 min
Weight and Dimensions
WeightApprox. 441 g (0.972 lb)

Accessories & Software

Batteries and Chargers


The AG-BRD50 Dual Battery Charger can be used with the AG-VBR battery series (AG-VBR118, AG-VBR89 & AG-VBR59) for AG-DVX200 and AJ-PX270.It is also compatible with the VW-VBD55 (AG-AC90 series) and VW-VBG6 batteries (AG-AC160/-130 series).

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