Smallest 20 000 lumens Solid Shine Laser Projector

PT-RZ21K Series


Stunning image quality in a compact body designed for large venues. Laser light source, 3-chip DLP, 21 000 centre lumens, PT-RZ21K WUXGA / PT-RS20K SXGA+ , maintenance-free projector. 

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Key features

Laser 3-chip DLP, smallest and lightest 21 000 centre lumens, PT-RZ21K WUXGA / PT-RS20K SXGA+ 
Lamp-free laser projection with dust resistant liquid cooling system for 20000 hours maintenance free operation
Real maintenance-free projection with filter-less design and no need for smoke-filter
Un-interrupted projection with dual-light source and built in redundancy inputs
Geometric Manager Pro, colour matching and edge blending

Specifications table

Brightness21,000 lm (Center)*3*5 / 20,000 lm (Normal)*4*5
ResolutionPT-RZ21K: 1920 x 1200 pixels / PT-RS20K: 1400 x 1050 pixels
TechnologyLaser 3-chip DLP
DLP™ Chip | Panel SizePT-RZ21K: 24.4 mm (0.96 in) diagonal (16:10 aspect ratio) / PT-RS20K: 24.1 mm (0.95 in) diagonal (4:3 aspect ratio)
DLP™ Chip | Display MethodDLP™ chip x 3, DLP™ projection system
DLP™ Chip | PixelsPT-RZ21K: 6,912,000 (1920 x 1200 x 3) pixels / PT-RS20K: 4,410,000 (1400 x 1050 x 3) pixels
Light SourceLaser Diode (Laser class: Class 1)*Class 3R for North America.
Refresh Rate120 Hz*2

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