Panasonic LED Display in Prime Position for SBS World News Reports

Using Panasonic LED technology, SBS has enhanced the delivery of the SBS World News broadcast with the Artarmon news production studio now featuring a large format LED screen to display high resolution graphics during broadcasts.

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Custom installation, consultancy, design and collaboration

The new Panasonic LED display at the SBS Artarmon studio complements the studio’s full High Definition (HD) upgrade, with a 1920 x 1080 resolution as well as a 1.4mm pixel pitch to support extra fine detail. The screen spans an impressive 2.8 x 1.6 metres, and is able to provide up to 800 nits of brightness, which can be adjusted to suit the broadcaster’s requirements.

The solution is the first Panasonic Full HD LED display of its kind to be installed in Australia. Noel Leslie, Chief Technology Officer, SBS, said: “The previous 3x3 LCD video wall became outdated and no longer serviced the needs of our news production. The new LED display provides SBS with significantly enhanced technology to further integrate interactive motion graphics and high resolution images in the news and current affairs offering for our audiences.”

Delivering the news in detail

SBS required a solution to produce map graphics and showcase real or moving images on screen to support its news reporting, which the screen is able to deliver seamlessly, and in HD.

The new screen has been in operation since late 2016 and is used in a variety of news and current affairs programming. This includes the 6:30pm weekday edition of SBS World News and the SBS World News Late Edition. The screen is also used during Monday night’s football wrap-up The World Game’, and is also being used for social media interaction for National Indigenous Television’s (NITV), The Point.

Providing an end-to-end turnkey solution

Through the long-standing Professional Broadcast relationship with SBS, Panasonic’s Professional Services & Solutions Group was initially asked to assist SBS with a technology upgrade to their existing LCD Video wall. Panasonic worked closely with SBS to manage the entire process, from initial consultation, to reviewing and testing potential solutions within the studio, through to final installation.

Whilst the project’s initial scope and budget was centred around a direct replacement of the existing video wall, alternative options were subsequently explored in an effort to provide SBS the ability to broadcast a full picture image without screen bezel’s restricting digital content. With this in mind, Panasonic’s team of specialists evaluated the range of Projector & LED technologies with LED ultimately deemed the most appropriate fit in this instance given the physical space and brightness requirements.

Flexible configuration, maximum useability

The display has a surprisingly slim footprint and has been installed as a free-standing structure suitable for the studio installation where space is limited. As well as looking impressive, it has a number of features that offer both convenience and longevity. 

All components can be serviced from the front, and because it is comprised of smaller LED modules, individual sections can be replaced within seconds, while the screen is still operating. 

The modules are attached to the front of a magnetic frame, meaning there is no need to install expensive customised brackets, and the screen can easily be reconfigured as required.

The solution is backed up by a support and maintenance agreement and component warranty with annual reviews designed to keep the panel looking great and well-maintained.

"We’re very proud to support SBS and the SBS World News broadcast with the latest in LED technology. SBS provides a respected service to millions of Australian viewers, and our screen is designed to complement this with reliable and flexible operation for many years to come."

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