Case Study

Guidizio Universale; Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel

Panasonic technology intensifies the magnificence of the Sistine Chapel in the show “Last Judgement. Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel”.

Case Study

Using projection mapping technology to bring art to life

When Lighthouse Immersive undertook the task of reimagining an immersive exhibit highlighting the works of post-impressionist Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh, their first job became finding the perfect space.

Case Study

Bylo, nebylo, van Gogh, Monet, Renoir...immersive experience

Unique multimedia exhibition titled Bylo, nebylo, van Gogh, Monet, Renoir ... immersive experience takes place in Prague Fórum Karlín. On an area of more than 2,000 m2, masterpieces of the famous impressionists are presented in a completely new way through projections complemented by 3D sound effects.

Case Study

Panasonic Siemens

The rugged Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 20 2-in-1 detachable drives efficiencies at Siemens UK train maintenance depots

Case Study

The new museum from Omega illustrates the extraordinary success story of the world-famous watch brand

The new museum from Omega illustrates the extraordinary success story of the world-famous watch brand.

Case Study

Gruppo San Benedetto

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK works along with the Italian excellence of San Benedetto in its journey of digitalization and environmental protection.

Case Study

The Velázquez Tech Museum Offers A 360º Immersive Experience Thanks To Panasonic Projectors

A light and sound show that brings art closer to the public in a striking and interactive way. The company in charge of the event’s technical and audiovisual setup, Fluge AV, used Panasonic projectors and lenses.

Case Study

MICO Case Study

Fiera Milano Congressi is refreshing the layout at MiCo with 36 Panasonic projectors, including 30 PT-RZ770 and 6 PT-DZ21K2, while a fibre optic signal routing ensures top quality throughout.

Case Study

Museum of John Paul ll

24 pieces of Panasonic laser projectors provide visitors with a unique experience.

Case Study

The Royal Society and Panasonic share Science

Panasonic 4K PTZ cameras help the Royal Society continue pioneering work in live streaming

Case Study

Panoramic projection in the Connecting corridor of the National Museum in Prague

The National Museum is the largest museum in the Czech Republic.

25 Apr


Introducing AJ-CVF50G Premium Color HD Viewfinder

AJ-CVF50GJ HD Viewfinder The AJ-CVF50G 1,5-type HD viewfinder supports the P2 HD series and Studio Cameras. It is equipped with a 1,5-type display which is suitable for a viewfinder.It adopts a new device capable of continuous image display without causing burn-in, which enables users to see the entire picture on the viewfinder at all times, even with their eyes at a distance from the viewfinder.Among the various functions of the CVF50 developed for smooth recording are the quick response suitable for recording sport events and one-touch switching of monochrome and colour mode. Low MagnificationThe use of a large 1,5-type device means lower magnification on the eyepiece. Users can easily see images at any position of their eyes without causing unintended magnification, making it easy to view the entire picture at all times. There is no need to open and close the lens barrel or move the visual point between the LCD and viewfinder.Avoid Burn-inThe newly equipped device does not have burn-in for lifetime. Since images can be displayed continuously, users are able to check the video image through the viewfinder at all times.Quick ResponseThe display achieves high-speed response as fast as CRT and OLED, which is suitable for recording sports events where fast moving subjects need to be captured.One-touch SwitchingUsers can switch between monochrome and colour mode with a single touch of the front button.

Case Study

Capturing the attention of Germany’s future business leaders

Otto Beisheim School of Management installs a lecture capture system utilising Panasonic AV technology and remote cameras

Case Study

Laser projection contributes to the learning experience at Tilburg University

Panasonic projectors are installed throughout the university to provide a high-quality projection of the lectures in order to increase the student's learning efficiency and to reduce the cost to the university

23 Mar


After six years of military use, only 1 percent of TOUGHBOOKs needed repair

An article which describes why Precisions Technic Defence A/S insist on having specific demands for their suppliers when it comes to sustainability.

Case Study

City of London Police

City of London Police deploys Toughpad FZ-M1 tablets to allow more time for operational policing

Case Study


At Kärcher, everything revolves around effective cleaning machines from the everyday to the unusual - and the company's top priority is customer service. Equipping the technicians with the reliable & flexible Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 33 allows them to focus on what is important: excellent customer service.

Case Study

University of Kassel utilises Panasonic education solutions to enrich its digital and hybrid learning

During the last years, the University of Kassel has broadened its digital learning technology and offers.They record lectures to offer them ‘on demand' for students not being able to attend classes in person, they livestream lectures and generally focus to enrich their ‘hybrid learning'.They keep a focus on balancing their on-demand and remote learning sessions with in-person lectures and classes.

Case Study

MDH University

When a Swedish University wanted to build a new campus that would be the best place to study and work, it turned to Panasonic for its varied projector and camera requirements.

Case Study

Spanish WindSled expedition takes Panasonic Toughbook to unexplored Antarctic

For almost two months, the Inuit Wind Sled team has traveled 2,538 kilometers in one of the most remote and unexplored areas of planet Earth: Continental Antarctica. With the help of Panasonic TOUGHBOOK rugged tablets and notebooks, the four explorers have carried out 10 leading research projects in different fields such as biology, glaciology, meteorology, and telecommunications.

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