TAFE Queensland Utilises Projection Technology to Create Wow Factor in Gold Coast Robina Campus Foyer

Gold Coast TAFE's ICT Service Manager wanted the best result for students and staff in a post-lockdown education landscape. In addition to incorporating technology into hybrid teaching spaces, he envisaged an insane digital art feature in the campus' main foyer to create huge impact.

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Client: TAFE Queensland, Gold Coast Robina campus

Location: Robina, Gold Coast, QLD Australia

Product(s) supplied: PT-MZ13KL

Grand Entry

As instructive as the classroom technology approach is, it doesn’t hog the headlines (or indeed attract the visit of Sam from Sunrise for a weather cross) like the eye-catching foyer installation. As Kochie remarked: “Looks like you’ve walked into the Ritz Carlton, not a TAFE building!”

Simon Zanchetta, Gold Coast TAFE's ICT Service Manager starts to walk us through the process, “It started with a Newmatt stretch ceiling with a colour-changing Pharos lighting system above it. It prompted executive staff to ask the question 'can we get a screen up there to display digital media from our students?' LED wasn’t possible, so we looked into projection.”

Brad Hill from Videopro picks up the story, “The atrium space is a bit unusual because of the two structural columns. We worked out what we could do with shadowing of the columns and how we could throw image and best achieve full ceiling coverage. Jim Urosevic at Panasonic Connect helped us there, he let us know how many Panasonic projectors we’d need and which lenses. The columns have some architectural light rings on them, and it does mean there’s some shadowing from the projection but the digital art embraces that aspect and the results look incredible. The media runs on an in-house PC through a tvONE CORIOmaster Mini and then out to five Panasonic PT-MZ13K projectors.”

Edge Blend In Then Disappear

Housing the projectors was another challenge, according to Simon, “We opened the TAFE without the projection system, just the Newmatt ceiling. When the five Panasonic projectors were installed with their shrouds, it was a bit of a shock to the exec team. But we added cabinetry to conceal the industrial-looking Ultralift cases.”

“It’s a large screen and an exceptionally eye-catching feature,” confirms Simon. “We’re still experimenting with what’s the best content. Slow moving animations are the order of the day — anything beyond that can give you vertigo. The ambient light does make it hard for the projection to compete at times but when evening arrives it comes into its own. We’re looking at making more of the feature for patrons moving through the foyer after a night in the restaurant. I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved. It’s been an amazing team effort.”

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