Data & Device Protection Powered by Absolute

In your world, security is paramount. Devices that are off your network, lost, stolen or operating without the effective security controls create breeding grounds for security breaches, compliance nightmares and operational inefficiencies.

To combat these risks, Panasonic has partnered with Absolute to offer self-healing endpoint security. Embedded in the firmware of TOUGHBOOK rugged PCs, Absolute® Persistence™ technology maintains an unbreakable connection to all of your TOUGHBOOK devices—on or off of your network.

You get uncompromised visibility and near real-time remediation capabilities to protect devices, data and applications.

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See, Control & Secure Every Endpoint, Everywhere

Panasonic and Absolute provides unbreakable visibility to centrally secure your TOUGHBOOK devices for unrivaled endpoint security and data risk management. The Absolute platform provides you with centralised asset intelligence, automated endpoint hygiene and continuous compliance.

  • Reduce costs
  • Eliminate compliance risk
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Increase efficiency of field staff
  • Alleviate strain on IT and security teams

Absolute Viability

Provides always-connected viability allowing you to collect hundreds of hardware, software, security, usage and geolocation data points automatically with 365 days of histrocial logs.

Absolute Control

Provides remote remedial capabilities to take action on the insights provided by our solutions such as geofencing, data delete, device freeze, among other remediation capabilities, and deep visibility into device utilisation.

Absolute Resilience

Provides unrivaled security capabilities to effectively eliminate any dark endpoint, ensure application integrity, protect at-risk data, run custom query and  remediation commands on demand on any device, and investigate device theft.