4K high resolution displays with narrow bezel designed for 24/7 continuous operation

The 4K resolution SQ1 series of narrow bezel commercial displays supports portrait installation and 24/7 continuous operation with high 500cd/m² brightness and advanced connectivity, including Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM). Most suited for installation in public spaces and commercial facilities.

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4K stunning picture quality and stylish and slim design

The 4K IPS panel and 500 cd/m² brightness deliver high visibility and excellent picture quality. With 4 times the pixels of full-HD displays, the SQ1 series is more effective for showing visual information. The displays deliver high image quality through HDR support, displaying images with a wider luminance and expressing light and dark images more realistically. Use ‘Picture Mode’ to flexibly adjust images based on the content and viewing environment. The SQ1 can display multiple images on various multi-screens for display in conference rooms and large-screen video walls.

High flexibility and simple signage

The SQ1 displays have robust professional-grade panels, suitable for continuous 24/7 operation. ADA compliant (with depth less than 4”/10cm with brackets), they can be safely installed in shopping aisles and conference rooms. It is possible to daisy-chain connection using DisplayPort input/output for multi-screens and adjacent displays, enabling the SQ1 series to be easily wired for use as signage in retail or public transport environments. In addition, the 4K DIGITAL LINK feature can transmit high quality content as well as control signals through a single LAN cable reducing installation costs and complexity.

High Expandability

The SQ1 Series is equipped with a next generation function slot which is adaptable to Intel®Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) specifications and enables signage to be operated with a third-party built-in PC. Featuring a 4K USB media player with playlist editing function – simply use the remote control to edit a playlist with picture or video files downloaded onto a USB memory device and show the content on the display. Failover and failback function immediately switches the system to alternative signals if the main video and audio signals are interrupted. Multi-monitoring and control software support stable operation and reduces the hassle of maintaining and managing devices on the intranet.


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