Ultra thin bezel, high brightness video wall display

Create large, engaging video walls with a razor thin narrow frame designed for usage in digital signage, broadcast and control rooms.

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The narrow bezels on the TH-55VF2 & TH-55VF2H series reduce the bezel-to-bezel distance to a near-invisible 0.88mm. In larger video-wall installations, screen borders seem to disappear, resulting in spectacular large-format images. The anti-glare surface on the IPS panel uses the concave/convex surface to diffuse light from the sun and lighting equipment. Because it suppresses external reflections to maintain higher legibility, this display is ideal for use in monitoring rooms and public facilities.

DISPLAY TYPEWorld’s most seamless video wall
SCREEN SIZE55-inch55-inch

Advanced uniformity for the best image quality

Uniformity is enhanced across both series, as each multi-screen display is pre-calibrated to keep colour differences to a minimum, ensuring consistently vivid image quality.

Auto Brightness Adjustment keeps constant brightness for a certain period of time

Both series of displays automatically correct backlight brightness according to the rate of panel deterioration to keep constant brightness. When the backlight brightness is set to approximately 80% of its maximum, the display maintains constant brightness for approximately 30,000 hours (approx 3.4 years). When the backlight brightness is set to approximately 60% of its maximum, the display maintains constant brightness for approximately 70,000 hours (approx 8 years).

Durable fail-over and fail-back function with simplified workflow solution

The TH-55VF2H and TH-55VF2 displays feature a two-system input switch that can be used to back up the signal with fail-over and fail-back functionality if required. This ensures a high level of reliability across the displays. The installation process is made easier by using an original application to simplify system configuration.

Simple installation with Digital Link and auto-calibration using a camera

Based on HDBaseT™ technology, DIGITAL LINK™ supports audio, video, and control signal transmission over long distances, and can also be used to daisy-chain via a single cable. Panasonic’s free Video Wall Manager software can be used with the TH-55VF2/TH-55VF2H Video Wall Series displays. It enables you to calibrate colour using a colour sensor, adjust display settings and manage data via a PC. Upgrade the software with the optional TY-VUK10 Auto Display Adjustment Upgrade Kit to automatically calibrate brightness and colour among multiple displays using a compatible camera.


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