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4K / UHD / HD Professional PTZ cameras, remote controllers, software & specialised solutions

Since launching in 2009, our range of Panasonic pan tilt zoom (PTZ) professional cameras have been the go-to remote-operation cameras for the world’s leading broadcasters, conference and live event video streamers, and remote learning educators.

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With you for the long haul

It's our 15th year anniversary!

This year marks our 15th anniversary of Panasonic Professional PTZ cameras, and what a journey it has been. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have supported us, and to all those involved in the progression of video production.

For the last 15 years, we have been continuously improving our technology with the single-minded desire to push the boundaries of what is possible with remote camera solutions, listening and responding to the needs of our customers, with the hope bringing reality to life, and capturing images in ways that have not been possible before.


Our best-in-class family of award-winning professional PTZ cameras has an extensive feature set suited to meet your various application needs, offering a single cable solution for power, control, video and audio.

Remote productions are made easy with our 4K image quality, high sensitivity, powerful zoom, and overall imaging ecosystem including free-to-download software.

Premium Series 4K Pro PTZ Cameras

Standard Series 4K Pro PTZ Cameras

Entry Series 4K & Full HD Pro PTZ Cameras


Elevation Unit for Panasonic PTZ Cameras

We understand the need to continuously increase the production value of content. Our specialised solutions are for the operators who always want to push the boundaries that little bit more.

Introducing the PanaPod, an elevation unit specifically designed for Panasonic Pro PTZ cameras. The PanaPod can be used as a standalone system on a stage, in a studio, behind a goal, in a conference venue, or in a press conference, to provide an unobtrusive camera position that is great for the spectators whilst not interfering with the artists, players’ action, presenters or the sequence being shot.

Built-in Auto-Tracking for Panasonic Pro PTZ Cameras

The built-in entry-level AI-based Auto Tracking feature* is a smart function that tracks a subject with a single camera, without the need to connect to external devices. It's practical & fully automated. Follow Mads Bolding as he explains the functionality and demonstrates how it all works.

✔Maintain framing in a variety of situations

✔ Stable shooting even inside shots

✔ No connection to external equipment is required, allowing easy installation in classrooms and auditoriums 


*available on selected models, AW-UE80, AW-UE50, AW-UE40 with firmware update released September 2023

Panasonic PTZ Camera Field of View Calculator

To help determine which professional Panasonic PTZ camera will meet your installation needs, use this calculator to determine the dimensions of the captured area based on where you are planning on positioning the camera. Simply select the distance between where the camera will be installed and the subject it will be recording to get an idea of the area it will be capturing.


Every model in our professional PTZ camera range can be controlled with our multi-function, high-performance remote camera controllers.


Panasonic has put together an array of software – both paid-for optional upgrades and free-to-download tools – that enhance the usage of our PTZ cameras for various applications. These are regularly updated via free firmware updates.


Find out how Panasonic PTZ solutions can support various applications thanks to our market leading technology.