Kärcher Delivers Technical Service Excellence with Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

At Kärcher, everything revolves around effective cleaning machines from the everyday to the unusual - and the company's top priority is customer service. Equipping the technicians with the reliable & flexible Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 33 allows them to focus on what is important: excellent customer service.

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Client: Kärcher

Location: Winnenden, Germany

Product(s) supplied: TOUGHBOOK 33 mk2 Detachable


The company goal of excellent customer service required complete digitisation - with mobile IT in use on site.


The flexible TOUGHBOOK 33 was ideal for maintenance and repairs, completing all documentation on site, and for attending online training sessions and meetings.

"Panasonic was chosen as the supplier for our next digitisation step to help us further improve customer service and efficiency. The quality of the TOUGHBOOK hardware and the support from Panasonic ensured the success of the project."

The world market leader, Kärcher prides itself in offering the right cleaning machine - whether for private driveways and garden paths or commercial applications, such as factory buildings, facades or for specialist applications. Innovation is an important factor in driving growth. The results of research and development are impressive: around 90 percent of all products are only five years old or younger. Competent and fast service is critical in supporting this machinery and their customers.

In Germany, around 100 technicians handle all maintenance and repairs on site. They use their Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices every day as an indispensable work tool for work at a variety of locations.


Paperless work processes as a basis for success

The service technicians at Kärcher have been working almost completely paperless for well over ten years. The prerequisite is that all operational and administrative activities can be managed with a device that is reliable, even under the stressful conditions of everyday mobile work. Historically, Kärcher had chosen the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 54 and the device had proven to be a reliable work companion. "That is why Panasonic was chosen as the supplier for our next digitisation step to further improve customer service and efficiency," said Tobias Türk. "It was the quality of the TOUGHBOOK devices and also the support from Panasonic."

Kärcher delivers technical service excellence with Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 3

Complete digitisation for customer service continued...

“On the one hand, all our customers receive a digital report immediately after we complete a service activity,” explained Tobias. For this purpose, the service technicians document all activities and record material and time confirmations directly on site. As a result, Kärcher and its technicians always know the exact status of the customer relationship, when spare parts in stock and expenses. In addition, more and more internal events such as training courses and team meetings are taking place online. For these, the service technicians use their TOUGHBOOK device as a notebook. 

"That's exactly why the 2-in-1 TOUGHBOOK 33 device convinced us. It can be used as a notebook or tablet with a flick of the wrist," explains Tobias Türk. "Another advantage of this very robust solution is the built-in camera. This simplifies the documentation considerably."


Smooth delivery & satisfied service technicians

The roll-out of the TOUGHBOOK devices went smoothly despite pandemic restrictions and the service technicians are very pleased with their new mobile solution and improvements. Since the technicians often work with gloves, every TOUGHBOOK device now has facial recognition for quick, convenient user authentication. 

“Our service technicians praise the versatility of the TOUGHBOOK 33 devices. This robust mobile solution will have a long service life," concluded Tobias.

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