IT/IP-centric video platform


The word “KAIROS” describes the right time or opportune moment to make a critical decision; this is the KAIROS moment.

Panasonic's KAIROS IT/IP-centric platform is based on an open software architecture that brings ground-breaking innovations to many markets in the video industry, starting with a very powerful broadcast video switcher.

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Key features

Resolution and format Independent
Utilizes latest technology in software and CPU/GPU processing
Allows users to allocate processing power with 100% efficiency
Uncompressed processing, true uncompressed 4K inputs and full support of baseband and IP signals (such as ST2110 and NDI) at the same time
Platform offers super low 1-frame latency processing

Unrestricted flexibility of input, output and operation for efficient production of expressive live videos

KAIROS is a live video production platform developed based on a new concept and architecture. It incorporates newly developed ground-breaking software that processes ST 2110 and NDI streams of any resolution. This platform achieves higher performance by fully utilising the power and flexibility of its CPU and GPU, balancing total processing load without the configuration constraints of traditional hardware based systems. This open architecture platform facilitates the linkage of diverse external sources and destinations as well as the integration of hardware and software systems. The new, evolved system ensures complete operational freedom at all levels.

A variety of inputs and outputs available for use

KAIROS fully supports baseband and IP signals such as SDI, ST 2110 and NDI, in any combination and also supports PTP (Precision Time Protocol) synchronisation. As a native IP system, the KAIROS is well suited to be used for remote video production as part of a completely IP-based environment.

Resolution and format independent

KAIROS allows for resolution and format independent operation. Mixed input sources with different resolutions, such as HD and UHD, can be processed simultaneously. For instance, it enables the production of videos not only in the standard 16:9 format, but also in the 32:9 format suitable for display walls.

Layered structure for versatile video expression

KAIROS is not restricted by the number of MEs or keys, like a conventional switcher. It allows as many layers as the GPU capacity permits. Keys and scaling can be set in each layer without any restrictions. Various effects and keys can be added to each layer. The KAIROS processing latency can be as low as one frame, so sports and concert performances can be presented with the ambiance intact and lip-sync can be achieved more easily.

Flexibility and scalability

KAIROS is highly flexible and scalable. KAIROS is an IT-based open architecture platform, so functional enhancements and control linkage with external devices is possible with the addition of application software, allowing for easy expansion and system integration.

User-friendly interface

The user friendly GUI (graphical user interface) enables intuitive operation, incorporating a customisable layout control panel that provides excellent operability even in a small space, unleashing the operator’s creativity and setting a new standard of operation.

KAIROS for Esports

Esports is one of the fastest growing sectors for live entertainment - and with KAIROS, we've developed a true glass-to-glass solution from capture to delivery, becoming the go-to supplier for esport video production.

Esport coverage setups can be very intricate as they include many cameras, screen management, augmented or virtual reality - all with low-latency requirements. Usually, both “broadcast” and “presentation” switchers are used, as there is a local audience - watching the show live and a remote audience, watching the show on broadcast television or on streaming platforms. The KAIROS processing platform handles all of this, while at the same time being used for mixing cameras signals and feeding video contents to various displays.

KAIROS for live events & concerts

GGGLUE, an innovation company based in New York City, is the brainchild of three immersive art futurists and creators. Most recently, they created systems to power and drive the largest immersive LED wall at any performance venue in the Western Hemisphere. In partnership with Avant-Gardner, GGGLUE leveraged Panasonic’s KAIROS live production platform to control visuals on the LED wall in the Brooklyn Mirage and produce an immersive concert experience for fans.

Beyond M/E

Panasonic's KAIROS IT/IP-centric live video processing platform with unrestricted flexibility of input, output and operation for efficient live video production Live event production from broadcast programming to concerts and sporting events has left the cookie cutter system set ups behind, and event producers can offer - and must contend with - multiple independent linear streams as well as of a growing compliment of screen content to display at the event.

HD, 3G, 12G sources and destinations must not only be prepared for, they may need to be handled in the same production environment. Purpose built video processing black-box type components will no longer stack up end to end without unacceptable latencies, and operators may come from different backgrounds and cannot be expected to come with proficiencies in the growing list of proprietary interfaces.

Panasonic has been developing an open architecture system where all processing is GPU based and all the processing layers are performed in one step. Input/outputs are able to be provisioned based on overall bandwidth and user interfaces follow best practices from popular desktop programs. This system is IP based at its core, following SMPTE 2110 protocols, but can also easily be adapted to support SDI (up to 12G).

This platform is fully resolution and format-independent and based on the latest technology in software and CPU/GPU processing, allowing users to allocate processing power with 100% efficiency and achieve performance levels currently impossible with traditional hardware-based products. It offers uncompressed processing, true uncompressed 4K inputs and full support of baseband and IP signals (such as ST2110 and NDI) at the same time. Fully embracing the latest IP technologies, the platform is also ready for Remote Production and can be integrated in a full IP-based environment.

Thanks to a very intuitive, extremely well designed GUI and fully customisable interface, this platform sets a new standard of usability for customers, allowing them to manage an unlimited number of video layers. And along with the support of virtually any kind of signal in a single server, the platform offers super low 1-frame latency processing, making it an extremely powerful tool in all contexts and applications. It is the perfect solution for a smooth transition to the IP world and offers a new level of flexibility and control.

“This new modular and open architecture platform is a game-changer for many customers involved in high-quality video production and delivery, either live or in the studio, allowing customers to optimise and future-proof their investment whilst maintaining the ultimate in flexibility,” said Michael Bergeron, Panasonic Broadcast Camera Systems Senior Product Manager.

“The Live IP Switching application is just the start for this new platform. Its video processing architecture allows users to build and run any kind of application. In the near future, this new platform will be at the heart of video production, being used as a video processor, scaler, mixer or server. There is simply no limit to what can be achieved with this one platform for many applications.”

KAIROS System Configuration

AT-KC2000 - KAIROS Core 2000 (High-End Main Frame)

  • 4 RU size

AT-KC200 - KAIROS Core 100 (Mid-Range Main Frame)

  • 4 RU size

AT-KC1000 - KAIROS Core 1000 (Main Frame)

  • 2 RU size

AT-KC100 - KAIROS Core 100 (Main Frame)

  • 1 RU size

AT-KC10C1 - Kairos Control (Control Panel)

Standard Type

Two faders with 24XPT layout, all elements user assignable and multi control with joystick.

AT-KC10C2 - Kairos Control (Control Panel)

Compact Type

Two faders with 12XPT layout and compact panel suitable for on-location venues and OB vans use.

AT-SFC10 - Kairos Creator (GUI Software/Software Key)

Features an easy-to-use intuitive GUI to adjust various settings and operations.

As part of a program run by the Joint Taskforce on Networked Media (JT-NM), Panasonic's IT/IP platform “KAIROS” has received JT-NM tested badge for the international media transmission standard SMPTE ST 2110 and the control/management standards AMWA NMOS IS-04,05, both of which are shown in the EBU Pyramid’s technological requirements.

KAIROS utilises a variety of IT ecosystems based on COTS technology and easily expands functions and links external devices by adding application software. Therefore, we partner with companies that are actively supporting KAIROS, such as actively disclosing device connection verification to users and technical cooperation to provide a more integrated system such as control communication.

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