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About Panasonic Connect Oceania

Panasonic Connect is dedicated to serving the business world. By connecting our specialised hardware with the latest technologies, our goal is to better "connect" our customers’ operations for a better future.

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Whatever's in your way, it won't be our technology

Over the last 30 years there have been huge developments in the world of mobility, and Panasonic TOUGHBOOK, the #1 rugged Mobile Computing Solutions brand in the world, has led the way in making sure your teams can work anywhere, anytime. Providing the perfect balance of rugged durability and performance, TOUGHBOOK is truly rugged from the inside out, so is comfortable being the workhorse when docked in one of our specialist vehicle mounts, through to getting constant bumps, knocks, and drops from those on the frontline.

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Our TOUGHBOOK technology is backed by expert service, pre and post-sales and is never just a reactive function. Our dedicated team is here to support your purchasing process with specialist advice from the very outset, ensuring that the technology you choose is right for your business.

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