The Utilities Specialist

For over 25 years, Panasonic has been working with the biggest names in Utilities. From day one, we’ve understood the need for built-for-purpose, work-anywhere devices, developing products that meet – and surpass – the specific demands of the Utilities industry.

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Seven keys to success

TOUGHBOOK products feature seven fundamental technologies that make them invaluable to utilities companies and field engineers around the globe.


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What does this mean for your organisation?

The potential for dramatic improvements in response times, route planning and job management, as well as increased first-time fixes, higher repair quality, better customer service and greater profitability. All this, while cutting downtime and costs significantly.

Tailored to your needs

Underpinning TOUGHBOOK is the ‘voice of the customer’. Down to the finest detail, our devices are created with the specific demands of utilities companies, and their field engineers, in mind.

World-class service and support

From pre- to post-sales, and from product implementation to roll-out, we work in close collaboration with our utilities customers to ensure everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Our specialist, and often tailored support makes all the difference: especially when it requires the deployment of hundreds or even thousands of devices across national and multi-national organisations.

Stay connected on the move

The ‘connected vehicle’ is a central pillar of business today. Giving utilities engineers technology and in-vehicle equipment that’s durable and optimises connectivity, even when they’re travelling, is essential to remaining competitive.

TOUGHBOOK delivers everything you need to take your office on the road including instant access to real-time information, digital documentation on the go, service history or spare-part information, world-class navigation tools and job schedule updates, and access to power whether on the road or on-site.

Customised vehicle integration

In conjunction with partners we offer a complete range of vehicle mounting solutions and services, from consultancy right through to in-vehicle installation. We also offer a range of configurations, and the ability to create bespoke solutions where required.

No compromising on passenger safety

And as you’d expect from TOUGHBOOK technology, our docking solutions are pushed to the very limits of endurance. To achieve all relevant ADR (Australian Design Rules) safety certifications and compliance, we test each model for vehicle impact and vibrations, ensuring that everything remains secure in the event of an accident, to protect those in the vehicle.

The price is right

It’s all too easy to be tempted by the small costs and big promises that consumer tablets and mobile PCs boast. After all, they still get most of the job done, mostly well, most of the time. Right? Wrong. Non-specialised tablets and handhelds aren’t built to withstand the harsh conditions often faced by utilities workers. So the hidden costs soon mount up:

  • Product failures
  • Downtime
  • Repairs
  • Replacements
  • Efficiency issues
  • Support requirements


Panasonic TOUGHBOOK PCs are eight times more reliable than average industry notebooks without rugged features*

With their world-renowned reliability, the initial purchase cost is soon recouped in saved time, reduced employee downtime, diminished IT support needs, improved service, enhanced productivity and longer device life, providing an altogether better return on investment (ROI) for your utilities business.

*Sustainable Mobile Device Strategies Deliver Significant Savings for Business, White Paper

A collaborative, end-to-end tailored approach

We don’t do ‘off the shelf’, so you know you’re getting the very best technology available.

Perhaps your utilities organisation has need for a specific carrying handle or port configuration? Or maybe you require custom software integration, power connectors or scanners? Whatever your unique requirements, our in-house design experts will work closely with you – from concept through to design, development and delivery – to deliver your perfect solution. And to turn your project round as quickly as possible. Always to the highest standards

Supporting the future of the utilities industry

With the arrival of smart grids and the smart meters that connect to them, along with new sources of renewable energy, the sector is changing with unprecedented speed. Like you, we ensure our technology isn’t just keeping pace: it’s staying one step ahead of the competition.

It’s why we continue to listen to our customers, finding out where you want to be and what’s demanded of you. We constantly add new form factors to our range, setting new standards in terms of connectivity, performance, power management and reliability.

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