For The Mining Specialist

When connectivity can make the difference between a good day and one you’d rather forget, you need to rely on mobility solutions that can provide access to critical applications, real-time data and safety channels. TOUGHBOOK can handle the reality of Australia’s mining conditions, vibrations, drops and shocks included. So, whatever tough situation you find yourself in, there’s no danger of your TOUGHBOOK failing.

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Why choose TOUGHBOOK?

Mining is a tough environment. Whether you’re out in the field, underground or in an open-pit, the range of tasks, hazards, situations and environments that workers are exposed to are inherently risky. You need to know your equipment is going to pass the test and withstand the same extremes you do every day. That durability and sheer dogged strength is what you’ll get with a Panasonic TOUGHBOOK.

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK is the result of decades of research, technology development and innovation. Not only is it a robust work tool, but it’s built to give you more efficiency, productivity, and a better user experience. And when you need more support, we’ve got a range of mining-tough products and solutions to keep your digital connection secure even under the roughest conditions.

The most reliable tool in your kit

Purpose built, the rugged tech is customisable to fit what you need it to be. From specialised, “rubberised” keyboards designed to keep dust from interfering with and damaging the keyboard, to the capability to install different inputs/outputs/ interfaces to connect to diagnostic equipment in the field, we’ve got you covered.

Solid communications provide always on connectivity, wherever you are thanks to specialised tuned antennas to maximise signal coverage, whether you’re at a remote mine site or in the field maintaining critical infrature and equipment.

Industry leading hardware, software, and data protection

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK rugged laptops and tablets are eight times more reliable than average industry PCs without rugged features, giving you the confidence that your employees remain productive wherever they are in the field.

With the latest generation of Panasonic rugged mobility solutions and through deep integration between hardware, firmware and Windows 11 Pro, TOUGHBOOK devices are certified as Microsoft Secured-core PCs and come equipped with an Intel® Core™ vPro® processor and NVMe OPAL SSD drives. TOUGHBOOK offers the greatest protection from highly advanced threats & increasing risks of cyberattacks, now and in the future.

Ready to adapt to any mining environment

The mining environment you work in may always be changing, so can your TOUGHBOOK.

The newest range of TOUGHBOOK rugged laptops and tablets adopt a ground breaking modular design, offering unrivaled flexibility in even the most demanding and unpredictable environments.

Featuring multiple user interchangeable options and unique modular expansion packs, TOUGHBOOK is now the most flexible and customisable rugged device ever. Expansion areas are user upgradeable so changes can be easily done whilst on a mine site or in the field and include a number of options including Blu-Ray or DVD optical drives, authentication readers, additional inputs/outputs, long life batteries, rubberised keyboards for protection against dirt and small particles, and secure storage drives.

How can technology shift challenges to success?

The Australian mining industry is gaining momentum after a challenging period of global disruptions and instability. While there is a positive outlook for Australian mining, our industry’s recovery presents a double-edged sword as supply and reliability issues take centre stage. While this is a boon for Australian mining, this demand is expected to surpass the industry’s capacity to supply, leading to potential volume shortfalls.

While this is a boon for Australian mining, this demand is expected to surpass the industry’s capacity to supply, leading to potential volume shortfalls. These challenges are more complex than simple production line efficiencies.


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ProTect Warranty & Services

Mining is a demanding environment, and your equipment needs to be up to the task. Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices have the industry’s lowest failure rates but when something out of the ordinary happens, you need the right support.

ProTect warranties and advanced services deliver extra support enabling operations to:

  • Minimise work disruptions
  • Manage repair and recovery costs
  • Get a high level of protection for your devices
  • Access to our local after sales service team to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Sustainability initiatives

At Panasonic, we are committed to creating products with an eye on the future by continually improving the environmental performance of our products and processes. We aim to achieve carbon neutrality together with society by reducing our own CO2 emissions and expanding various impacts that contribute to CO2 reduction in our lives and business.

By calculating a product’s carbon footprint, and understanding the impacts that occur throughout its lifecycle, we can innovate smarter – reforming frontline processes across various sectors to reduce CO2 emissions and make effective use of limited resources.